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Chinese Measure Words 量词

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try this resource here.  I am not sure if this list is complete; still it is pretty useful as you will find the most common measure words there.


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I think that the most difficult skills in Chinese is the use of measure words. Every noun has specific measure word that is used to refer to it. The most commonly used measure word in Chinese is ge 个 which can refer to almost anything. However, the use of proper measure word is more proper. Here is a list of some measure words and the nouns for which they are used:

Ben 本 used for books/magazines/dictionary

Zhang 张 used for maps/ table/ photo/ painting

Ba 把 used for chair/keys/knife

zhi 支 used for writing tools

Tai 台 used for machines

liang 辆 used for vehicles

Feng 封 used for letters

Jian 间 used for rooms

Jian 件 used for garments/dresses

Kuai 块 used for money

Tiao 条 used for long, linear objects (example fish)

Please do correct me if I am wrong!

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