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Hello and bonjour

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I'm a Korean that actually doesn't know Korean that well, so that's something I've been working on.

I'm learning Japanese, and interested with Russian.

I find Japanese to be a really pretty language with it's complexity, and Russian just seems to be a language I'm drawn towards.

I took French since a young age, so I can confidently say I'm kinda not really semi-fluent in it.

I'll be in your care so please treat me well.

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Hey there!

Welcome to Linguaholic.com! Wow, it is nice to have another korean person here in the forum. We only have a few until now here :P

May I ask you how good your Korean is? Do you speak it at home or? I am interested in Japanese as well and I do speak french pretty well, as I live in Switzerland and it is one of the official languages here (the city where I am living is bilingual, so most of the people here speak BOTH french and german).

best wishes


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