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Hello everyone,

While fluent in nothing (some days not even English, my native tongue), I try hard at Japanese, French, some Spanish and some Slovak. 

I finished high school in Japan and still keep in touch with my family there.  We have calls once a month or so - and it's 10 years later!  My Japanese has seriously declined, and I could use some refreshing!

I studied French before I went to Japan, then met my husband and we traveled to France twice.  So, sometimes I get the two languages mixed up in my head.

We also have traveled to Spain, and spent considerable time in Mexico and Costa Rica...and oh man is my Spanish bad.  I can usually understand what I'm reading, but I can't seem to form coherent conversation without feeling extremely silly.

And finally Slovak.  My husband is Slovak and his parents are trying to teach our kids so the languages stays 'present' in the family.

I would love to find some chat buddies to practice with! 

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Welcome to the forum! I hope you find yourself enjoying it as much as I do.

What a wonderful opportunity you had, being able to attend high school in a foreign country. It's, also, amazing that you still keep in touch with your exchange family as these years later. Do you speak Japanese, with them, on the phone?

I understand, how languages get jumbled in your head. I only know English and some Spanish and it happens to me all the time.

Anyways, welcome, once again, and enjoy your stay.

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