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    • By thomas pendrake
      Various languages have been artificially created, such as Esperanto or Klingon.  Some of these (Esperanto, Bolak, etc.) have been academic attempts to create an universal language.  Others (Klingon, Vulcan, Lapine, Nadsat) have been constructed to use in fiction. Have any of you ever studied any of these? Elvish (to go with Tolkien) seems to be particularly popular.  I suppose Elvish poetry could be fun, I'll have to see if my feeble old mind can handle it. Seems to me that a serious linguist would have fun with some of these.
    • By czarina84
      This may sound like a joke post, but it really isn't.  I am not a Star Trek fan, but my fiancé and his mother are huge Trekkers.  I was wondering if (even though it was developed for a television show) Klingon is actually considered a language.  It has a syntax, vocabulary, and is associated with a specific culture (because Star Trek fans take their fandom seriously). 
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