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Oi gente! Hi guys!


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Hello everyone!

I'm Mari, a 21 year old college student from Brazil. I joined this forum because I'm very interested in language learning tools and tips, and more recently I've been learning Spanish. I have the desire to move to Barcelona next year, so I'm really looking for opportunities to practice.

Also, I'm here to help anyone with a interest in Portuguese! Maybe English too, but it isn't my first language, so forgive me if there are any mistakes.

Hope I can make some friends in here to share our knowledge!

Bye :)

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Hey Mari, welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay, glad to have you!

Portuguese is a beautiful language, and correct me if I am wrong, but it has plenty of similarities with Spanish(which I am also learning), so I am guessing you are having a pretty good time trying to get it down. Whatever the case, good luck and I am sure you will find what you need here.

See you around.

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Hello Mari! I have a bunch of online Portuguese friends! Perhaps you could teach me a few basic phrases? I would love to know uncommon phrases, not just your usual "hello, how are you" but maybe a few random ones that could make them laugh? How would one say "I don't think that is a cockroach" or "I couldn't find my socks this morning and that's why I'm wearing socks on my feet"? I know I could just turn to Google Translate for these but I think random phrases are much funnier when they're said correctly. :)

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