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Best method of learning French (English Speaker)

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I took French at school however I didn't take an interest, is there a method i could use to keep at it?

I would love to be able to read/answer questions when someone has them about a french word/phrase, and even be able to fluently talk to someone in a foreign language.

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When I completed my formal education where I was initially studying French, I found that a lot of my knowledge of the language became stagnant. I tried to go onto forums to practice using the language but that, at the time, proved to be extremely intimidating for me. I then received a copy of Rosetta Stone from a friend and found that to be the perfect companion to help me go further in the French language! Find what works for you, but I would highly recommend Rosetta Stone!

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I was fortunate enough to learn both english and french at a young age. I attended a french elementary school and picked up english from my surroundings. Over that last few years though, my spoken french has deteriorated quite a bit for lack of practice. I'd recommend finding a friend/partner to converse with in french. It should be somebody you can have natural, free-flowing conversation with. I've also heard from second-language french learners that watching french television helped them a lot.

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