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Teach me basic Nihongo!

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I suggest taking a look at a YouTube channel called HIDETCHI, he has some very good basic Japanese lessons. That's where I learned my basics and then moved on to other sources. He's a native Japanese speaker who also speaks English very well, I don't think that you'll find anything better out there.

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Like the others have said, Youtube is super great for learning just about anything, including language.

If you want people to help you with specific things, like you have questions or something, you could always just ask us here (I think that's how it works). I'd be happy to help you with what I know. But asking for general grammar help is pretty broad!

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Have you tried:




These are just three sites, but I feel that they can be of at least some help to you. Also have you tried simply listening to the dialogue in first English and then with the Hearing Impaired subtitles and then in Japanese with Subtitles and finally to just the Japanese? I did that as a kid and it actually helped to establish basic grammar as well as get me used to the rhythm.

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Thank you for those links Esperahol

I really enjoy the last of those three links! I found lots of useful information there. Moreover, they have a pretty impressive list with links to other great "Learning-Japanese-Websites".

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Make sure you come and visit the Japanese forum, too! There's some good threads with links to usefuf learning sites, advice for beginners and that kind of thing. We'd also love to help you with any questions you might have, so don't be afraid to start a new thread (or jump in on a related one) if you have anything to ask.

You mentioned you want to be able to watch stuff without subtitles. Just out of curiosity, what are you watching?

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