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焦頭爛額 (Jiāotóulàn'é)


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焦頭爛額 (Jiāotóulàn'é) - Huge loss

Literal Meaning - Burned face, broken amount.

Once upon a time, a man built a new stove and invited his friend over to see it. His friend came and saw that the safety measures were lacking. The friend warned the owner that he shouldn't build the chimney too straight, and that he shouldn't place chopped woods near the fire as these could result in a fire. The owner didn't listen to his friend's advice and kicked him out instead. The house did eventually caught on fire because of this. The villagers helped to put out the fire but the owner has suffered a severe loss in properties.

焦頭爛額 (Jiāotóulàn'é) means to suffer a huge loss.


"我都警告你不要去投資Layman Brothers, 你不要聽. 你看, 現在虧本了搞到「焦頭爛額」."

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