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Hello everyone,

I'm an English-speaking American who has recently moved to Brussels, Belgium.  Being in such a diverse and multicultural location, with friends from all over the world, has made me realize how important speaking other languages really is.  Belgium is technically tri-lingual (French, Dutch, and German), but I'm going to start with only two languages and see where it takes me.  I have more Dutch than French at the moment, since I started with Rosetta stone a few months ago, but I'm trying to be able to get around in both languages.

Anyway, nice to meet everyone!  Good luck!

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Hi there, by the French/Flemish title I assumed you were connected in some way to Belgium. Do you find yourself using Dutch or French more? I know Brussels city itself is mostly french, but the surrounding locations are Dutch speaking. Anyway, Welkom bij Linguaholic.

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Welcome bluemoose!

I'm a (Dutch speaking) Belgian native living in the UK. How are you finding Belgium and life in Brussels?

It's always difficult to use Dutch in Brussels as most people speak French there.

If you need any Dutch related advice, I'm happy to help :)

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