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The list of kanji (JLPT level 2) (part 1)

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Hello everyone. Today I want to share the list of very usuful kanji with you. I suppose that you familiar with JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test), having passed which you can live and even work in Japan. So, today I want to give you the list of important kanji to pass JLPT level 2. If you have level 2 than it means you can fluently speak in Japanese. One more thing, taking into account the fact that this topic is quite capacious I have to divide the topic into couple parts. So, if you find this information interesting, please leave a comment and I will continue posting JLPT 2 kanji. Therefore, if you learned all the kanji from this list that would mean you can pass JLPT level 2 for sure:

Note: katakana means Chinese reading of a kanji, hiragana - Japanese reading

1. 皿 [ベイ , さら] (bei, sara) - dish/a helping/plate

2. 湿 [シツ, シュウ , しめ.る, しめ.す, うるお.う, うるお.す] (sitsu, shuu, shimeru, shimesu, uruosu,) - damp/wet/moist

3. 肯 [コウ , がえんじ.る] (kou, gaenziru) - agreement/consent/comply with

4. 詞 [シ] - (shi) part of speech/words/poetry

5. 枝 [えだ, シ] (eda, shi) - bough/branch/twig/limb

6. 蒸 [ジョウ, セイ , む.す, む.れる, む.らす ] (jou, sei, musu, mureru, muraasu) - steam/heat/sultry/foment/get musty

7. 沸 [フツ , わ.く, わ.かす] (futsu, waku, wakasu) - seethe/boil/ferment/uproar/breed

8. 帽 [ボウ, モウ , ずきん, おお.う] (bou, mou, zukin, oou) - cap/headgear

9. 綿 [メン, ワ] (men, wa) - cotton

10. 涙 [ルイ, レイ , なみだ] (rui, rei, namida) - tears/sympathy

11. 疲 [ヒ , つか.れる, つか.らす] (hi, tsukareru, tsukarasu) - exhausted/tire/weary

12. 恋 [レン , こ.う, こい, こい.しい] (ren, kou, koi, koishii) - romance/in love/yearn for/miss/darling

13. 偉 [えらい] (erai) - admirable/greatness/remarkable/conceited/famous/excellen

14. 胃 [い] (i) - stomack/paunch/crop/craw

15. 域 [いき] (iki) - range/region/limits/stage/level

16. 因 [イン, ちな.み, よ.る] (in, chinami, yoru) - cause/factor/be associated with/depend on/be limited to

17. 羽 [ウ, ハ , はね] (u, ha, hane) - feathers/counter for birds/ rabbits

18. 泳 [エイ , およ.ぐ] (ei, oyogu) - swim

19. 越 [エツ, オツ, こ.す,  こ.える] (etsu, otsu, kosu, koeru) - surpass/cross over/move to/exceed/Vietnam

20. 煙 [エン, ケム, けむ.る, けむり] (en, kemu, kemuru, kemuri) - smoke

21. 奥 [オウ, オク , おく.まる] (ou, oku, okumaru) - heart/interior

22. 察 [サツ] (satsu) - guess/presume/surmise/judge/understand

23. 黄 [コウ, オウ, き] (kou, ou, ki) - yellow

24. 温 [オン, ヌ , あたた.か, あたた.かい, あたた.まる, あたた.める] (on, nu, atataka, atatakai, atatamaru, atatameru) - warm

25. 召 [ショウ , め.す] (shoo, mesu) - seduce/call/send for/wear/put on/ride in/buy/eat/drink/catch (cold)

26. 菓 [カ] (ka) - candy/cakes/fruit

27. 拾 [シュウ, ジュウ , ひろ.う] (shuu, juu, hirou) - pick up/gather/find/go on foot/ten

28. 婚 [コン] (kon) - marriage

29. 式 [シ] (shi) - style/ceremony/rite/function/method/system/form/expression

30. 険 [ケン , けわ.しい] (ken, kewashii) - precipitous/inaccessible place/impregnable position/steep place/sharp eyes

If you want to pass JLPT 2 it`s very importing for you to know all the readings (both, Chinese and Japanese). Good luck!

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I know most of them from Chinese. However, some of them are used a little bit differently or are not considered to be very important (frequent) characters when it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese. 

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