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千里送鵝毛 (Qiānlǐ sòng émáo)


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千里送鵝毛 (Qiānlǐ sòng émáo) - It's the thought that counts.

Literal meaning - One thousand li send goose feather.

Once upon a time a bunch of villagers stumbled upon a goose but they had no idea what it was. The villagers thought that the goose was some kind of creature from heaven so they decided to catch it and present it to the Emperor. They sent a representative to bring the goose to the capital. On his way, the goose escaped by flying away and left him with only a feather. The villager had no choice but to continue since he's already half way there. Once in the castle, he presented the feather to the Emperor. The Emperor was furious and thought that he was pranked. The villager went on to say that it's not the price of the present, it's their sincerity that counted since the villager took such a journey just to deliver one feather. The Emperor understood and told the villager to send his regards to the villagers that were double the sincerity the villagers brought the Emperor.

千里送鵝毛, 物輕情意重 (Qiānlǐ sòng émáo, Wù qīng qíngyì zhòng) means it's not the present, it's the thought that counts.


"你來和我的喜酒只送了一枝筆. 真的是「千里送鵝毛, 勿輕情意重」的啦."

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