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Hi there,

I love the forum and think it's a great tool for anyone learning a language. However, I would definitely use this forum more if there was some sort of alert to let you know when someone else comments on a post you have posted on. I think it would really open communication. Also, it's really tricky trying to remember which posts you have comments on.

Is there any chance of this happening

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Dear Pipps

Thank you for your kind words.

Well, there is already a built-in functionality that will achieve this. In your profile, you can go to 'Notifications' and there you can activate the option 'Get notified by E-Mail'. Every time somebody replies to your post/thread, you will get notified. I already did that in your case now. So if you would like to deactivate it, you can do that manually in your profile.

Moreover, there is another way you can get notified about posts. You can simply 'follow' a board and then you will get notified as well. For instance, you could open this link here:


On the top right corner you will see a button 'Notify'. So all you would need to do is to click on this button and you will get notifications.

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Hey 2times

You need to read more carefully what others have written about this matter :=) This feature is already available (as a matter of fact has always been available) and you can easily change the notification alerts from within your forum profile. All you have to do is going to your forum profile, then go to Notifications and there you can make the adjustments. For instance, you can choose to get notified by E-Mail whenever someone replies to your thread/post (When sending notification of a reply to a topic, send the post in the email (but please don't reply to these emails.))

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In fact, you don't even need to use the notification center if you just want a summary when you log in.  If you click the "Replies" button that is in the upper left of the screen between "Unread" and "Logout", it gives you an update on all new posts in threads that you have posted in.  I check that and the Unread section every time I come back to the site.

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