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一葉障目 (Yīyèzhàngmù)


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一葉障目 (Yīyèzhàngmù) - Blinded by small matters.

Literal meaning - One leaf covers vision.

Once upon a time, there was a poor man whom always dreamed of becoming rich. One day, the man read a novel about how someone used a magic leaf to become invisible. The man believed it and pluck a leaf himself. He tried to test its power by stealing from someone. Obviously, it didn't work and he got caught. While at the magistrate, the man claimed that there was no way he could've been seen because he was invisible. The Mandarin thought that the man was fooling him, in the end the man was sentenced to ten strokes for stealing.

一葉障目 (Yīyèzhàngmù) means only focusing on trivial matters and completely neglect the important things.


"你只是注意到眼前的好處, 忽略了其他的事. 妳這樣「一葉障目」過人生是不行的."

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