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Set phrases in Japanese

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Hey everyone! Recently I`ve been thinking about grammar topics and tips that would be interesting to you as our readers. I think that materials of advanced Japanese are not that interesting, so I decided to give you some notes of pre-intermediate Japanese grammar. This level of the grammar will help you to create fluent sentences in Japanese easily. So, I decided to explain popular and important phrases that often used by native Japanese speakers.

1) ーだと言われている [da to iwareteiru] - 'they say', 'it`s known that...' and etc.

言われている is used when you need mention that some information is a well-known fact or a fact that most people are already familiar with:


[kono eiga wa nihoneiga sijoo no saikoo kessaku da to iwareteiru]

They say that this movie is a prominent masterpiece in Japanese cinematography.


[doitsunin wa kinben minzoku da to iwareteiru]

It is known that German people are hard-working nation.

2)ーと(は)いえません [to (wa) iemasen] - 'it can`t be said that...'

Note when you use particle は it emphasizes your speech


[kono mondai wa wakariyasui to wa iemasen]

It can`t be said that this problem is easy to understand.

3)ーと言う、-と思う [to iu, to omou] - 'someone said' (uses in order to express direct or indirect speech)


[michiko san wa [sugu ni ikimasu] to iimasita]

Michiko-san said: "I`ll come back in no time"


[kare wa kuni ni kaeritai to itteiru]

He says that he wants to return to his motherland.

と思う - generaly uses when you express your own thoughts:


[anohito no yarikata wa hidoi to omoimasu]

I think that his behavior is cruel

4)ー何といっても [nani to ittemo] 'whatever you may say', 'after all'

Note this phrase also can be used both at the beginning of a sentence and at the end if it.


[nani to ittemo natsuyasumi wa ichiban sukina jikan desu]

Whatever you may say, but summer vacation is the best period.


Discipline, after all, is a discipline.

5)ーNを楽しみにする/-Nが楽しみです [tanosimi ni suru/tanosimi desu] - used to describe a foretasting of something or an excitement of something


[watashi wa tanzyoobi o tanosimi ni siteimasu]

I`m looking forward to my birthday


[ryokoo no miyage o tanosimi ni siteimasu]

I`m looking forward to get the presents from the trip.

Ok, hope you enjoyed this material. Have a nice weekend. グッドラック!

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