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How do you improve your grammar?

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Man, I wish I knew the answer to that one, but ever since, I have no difficulties in speaking English, mainly because it is the 2nd language in our country, so ever since I was a kid, I was exposed to it, so it's like natural immersion, so even as a kid, I was able to speak and write fluent English.

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The easiest way to improve your grammar is by reading more books but it shouldn't be just any books. Since anyone can write and publish a book these days the probability of finding a well-written book on Amazon or elsewhere on the net is quite hard. That is why if you want to improve your grammar, you should read books written before 1970. At that time for a writer's manuscript to be published their grammar had to be perfect. If you go back further, the quality of writing gets to be even better.

I suggest that you visit gutenberg.org. They have thousands of free books on the site. Read as many as you can and I can assure you that after a few months you'll notice a change.

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A great way to improve your grammar is to read! When you read, the right way of spelling certain things, in addition to correctly used grammar, stays in your head. I am not a native English speaker, though it has been taught to me as a second language since I was a child, and I went to an American school here in Mexico. It is of utmost important to also have conversations in English; it is just as important to have the proper grammar on paper than it is to speak articulately. Mastering a new language is all about practice, and eventually, you'll level up in your grammar and spelling. Make sure you read books and online articles about the use of punctuation such as colons, dashes, semi-colons, commas, and periods. Grammatical rules change from language to language (I'm telling you this as a native Spanish speaker whose native grammatical rules are very different to those in the English language). 

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Scribendi: World-Class Editing and Proofreading

I use a website named polish my writing. It marks out the grammar errors as well as spelling errors and thus making it easier for me, whenever I am writing on my computer.


I normally also use dragon naturally speaking to make myself practice how to speak and then check the text in Microsoft word for errors and also the above website, as you can see, both of these tools help me in getting the grammar right and making me fluent in English with proper grammar.


It is not foolproof but it works and spots almost 90% of your mistakes in grammar combined.

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