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Two free apps for learning noun gender [GERMAN]


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Here are two really useful smart phone apps for practicing/looking up the gender of a noun:

1. Der Die Das

It's basically a dictionary, but the only thing it tells you is the gender of the noun. You can click an extra button to show you the translation, but if you want a really simple interface just for finding out the gender, this app is for you. I prefer using it over a normal dictionary like dict.cc when I just need to know the gender really quick.

2. German Nouns

This is a quiz app that has a few different options for game play, but essentially just quizzes you on the gender of German nouns. You can create custom lists of vocab, or simply use the pretty extensive ones that come with the app. It also includes really handy rule lists for memorizing gender.

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I have der die das on my iPad, and use it on occasion. The other one I may have to check out...

Do you know of anything similar (to der die das) that I can use from a web browser? I ofter find I want to know the gender of a word when I'm on my computer, but Google Translate does funny things with cases and I don't necessarily want to interpret a dictionary entry every time. Perhaps I should just stick to one dictionary and get used to it, but I feel there must be a better way!

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Thanks for this Megshoe, these are extremely helpful. This is way more convenient that what I've been doing which is usually to just type it into Google search bar.

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