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Top 5 language you want to learn?


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My top 5 languages would be Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Thai, all because they interest me. Among the 5 I am most interested in Spanish and German, because Spanish is spoken in many countries and I love listening to the songs of a German band, so I'm curious to understand their language.

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There are so many languages that I want to learn. First up in my list would probably be Chinese and thereafter I would go for Spanish. I find Russian and Italian languages to be really fascinating. So, if I can, I will try to learn them too. French is giving me a hard time for the time being.

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Can I say I'm really glad to see French in so many of your Top 5 lists. I don't know why, but it brings me joy  :party:

As for me, I would like to master:

1) Korean

2) Spanish (dormant right now)

3) German (dormant)

4) Norwegian (And then Danish and Swedish)

5) Cantonese

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To be honest, I have been so focused on learning one language that I have never even though about learning any others. If I had to pick 5 these would be it:






It will take me a lifetime to learn all those.

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The top 5 languages that I want to learn are:

1. fluent Italian: I know some but would like to be fluent.

2. fluent Spanish: same as above

3. French: Such a romantic and sexy language.

4. Russian

5. Laotian

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1. English

2. Japanese

3. Korean

4. Chinese

5. German

English is a universal language, thus I am giving it the top spot in my list. I am not fluent in the language and my vocabulary is very limited so I want to learn more of it. I want to get to a point where I'm speaking it comfortably like it's my native tongue.

I want to learn Japanese and Korean because I watch a lot of animes and Korean dramas. I want to get rid of the subtitles for a more enjoyable watch.

Chinese, like English, is a very important language. I think it can also be considered a universal language in the sense that a lot of people speak it in many countries. I want to learn it for its practical use.

German is something I fancy. I find it unique and forceful.


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Mine are

1. French

2. German

3. Russian

I want to learn the first three because of their involvement in classical, romantic and impressionistic music.

4. Latin

5. Greek

The last two I want to learn because of their involvement in today's civilization, in different fields like music, medicine and sciences.

I would love to learn Spanish, French,Chinese,Arabic and Korean.

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