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Hello, Hola


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Hi everyone,

My name is Nidia and I am from Texas.  I speak English and Spanish fluently.  As a matter of fact, I consider both of them my native tongues since I grew up speaking both.  When I was in high school, I took French for four years and in college I took two more years of French.  But, as they say, use it or lose it and unfortunately, I had no one to practice with so I forgot most of what I learned.  I am trying to re-learn French.  I am glad that I found this forum and I look forward to learning and sharing. 

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Hey Cielosur

Welcome to the Linguhaolic Language learning family!

We got them all here: French, Spanish, English. So please don't worry.  :grin: I am sure you can find some useful information here! And of course, if you could spread some knowledge about English/Spanish that would be awesome too!

Warm regards from Switzerland


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Welcome to the forums! It's great that you know two languages fluently. If you ever see my posts, make sure to stop in and reply and say hi!

I am actually learning how to speak Spanish right now!

If you have a few tips on how to make learning Spanish somewhat easier, please share your thoughts with me and send me a message in my inbox!


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Hola, bonjour, ke kalimera to everyone! How nice to have this opportunity to strike up a 'conversation' with other like-minded people, all the way from ...Australasia! All those years ago when I learnt to speak a little Spanish, French, and lots of Greek, I neither considered nor fully appreciated how lucky I would one day feel to be part of an international community that values language as much as I do. I learnt most of what I know through school, at a time when learning a new language was not only encouraged but imperative, since I attended an international school in Europe. The opportunity resulted in helping me to discover that I was a natural, so I thrived and did quite well. It would be wonderful to now use this platform to unearth some language treasures. I generally believe that all knowledge accumulated through the heart never really gets lost; it merely gets covered by temporary layers of dust that solidify as time passes. I'm sure the dust will begin to disperse once I start to use the occasional word! I am here if anyone else is interested in squeezing in some practice.  :smile:

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