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Anyone afraid to "fail" in learning a language?

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No. You should never be afraid to fail in learning a language. Although learning a language might not be easy, it's always something that should encourage you. Learning a language is sometimes fun and you will feel achieved when you do so. In life, there are failures and these "failures" are just stepping stones to conquer victory/success.

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No, I'm not afraid to fail in learning a new language. As I've grown up I've kind of gotten over my fear of failure. I'm not as afraid to try new things as I used to be. In addition to that I've gained a lot of confidence in myself and what I'm capable of doing. I feel like if I put the effort in I can learn just about anything. That doesn't mean learning a new language is going to be without it's bumps in the road and challenges. I've just learned to persevere through those and do what needs to be done to get the job done.

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I can connect to some of the accounts shared in here. I remember when I was learning Norwegian I got to a point where I felt I was never going to be able to learn the language. It's grammar is not even that difficult, but I was learning pretty much on my own, reading books, and just with the help of a private tutor. However, around the same time I started learning French and I started doing pretty well learning it, so this helped me to regain some confidence.

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