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the most widely spoken languages?

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Hi guys, so.. what are the most widely spoken languages in the world? I reckon English is one of them but it certainly isn't the most popular because mandarin has more speakers. Apart from English and Mandarin, what other languages are widely spoken?

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I live America and although English is the primary language of the country, I have notice the Spanish language becoming more prominent. There are many places I visit where I see the English and Spanish translations. When I call for customer service to most stores, I am greeted with the option of picking English or Spanish. So, I think Spanish is a widely use language around the world as well as French. The French language is spoke in many countries around the world.

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According to one source, Mandarin is #1, Spanish is #2, and English is #3. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Hindi, which is #4. Arabic is #5. I was surprised to see Portuguese as #6, probably because of Brazil.

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