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Hi Everybody

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My name is Marco and I am 30.

I was born in Italy but I have lived for large periods of time all over Europe, namely England, Portugal, Germany and Spain. At the moment I am living in Seville (Spain)

I never studied any language for the sole purpose of learning or curiosity, it was rather a necessity... but having lived at least a couple of years in each of the countries I mentioned before has left me with a wide spectrum of languages and to be honest I discovered that the best use I can give to them is to travel, to make new friends and to increase my knowledge of people and cultures.

So here I am, nice to meet you all



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Hey Marco!

Thank you for joining linguaholic.com! I am happy to see another polyglot joining our forum! I think living in different countries for some months or maybe even a couple of year is the easiest and maybe also the most enjoyable/natural way of learning a language. I got to say I feel a little bit jealous about your diverse language skills  :wacky: May I ask you how you were able to live in many different countries? did you have business to do in all those countries or how could you manage to live in each of those for several months/years ?

kind regards from Switzerland


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