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Not really an APP, but 100% awesome is the CNA Speaking Exchange Program


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Basically it's a program where senior citizens from the U.S. chat with Brazilian kids over Skype, and teach them English.

It's a pretty awesome program from a Human perspective!

Have you ever heard of this?

Do you know if this sort of thing exists for any other language?

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Improve your knowledge of any language online

I've never heard of this, but is sounds really cool! Not only will the Brazilian kids get to practice their English skills, but the senior citizens will have someone to talk to! I don't know if it's available for any other language, since I haven't heard of it prior, but I would definitely endorse it if it were!

Thanks for sharing, the idea is amazing. :)

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This sounds similar to a program I volunteer for called, 'English Works'.

    Once a week I speak with several beginning English learners helping them review their weekly lesson. I believe the students are from Santa Cruz, and have never had the opportunity to talk with a Native speaker before.

  It's great fun because each student is so eager to talk with me every week. I only get about five minutes with each student, but it's really engaging time together.

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Never heard of this before. I must say it's amazing!  is it offered only to Brazilian kids? or also kids from other countries?  I'd love it if my nieces had access to this as well, it sounds like an amazing way to meet some nice people and practice their English!

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