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Hello form Poland!


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Hello everybody!

I'm teenage girl form Poland. (This year I'm going to highschool.)

I came here, because I want to improve my language skills and this place seems very helpful.

At school I'm learning English (for ten years) and German (for three years) and I'm trying to learn Finnish by myself.

I hope I'll spend some good time with you :)


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Hey Susa!

Welcome to Linguaholic! You are studying Finnish by yourself? That's interesting! I would love to hear more about that. I have been in Finland many times, however I can just speak a few words in Finnish.

kind regards from Switzerland


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For the first time I heard Finnish language in Nightwish's songs four years ago. "What a beautiful language it is!" I thought. One year ago I decided to learn it. I was (and I still am) very determined to do that and I found some free courses on the Internet. I also have one pen-friend, but when I took part in Polish-German exchange I realised that writing letters is not enough to learn any language. I hope I'll find a Finnish language partner here :)

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Oh, that's cool! But Nightwish has Songs in English as well, I reckon ? :=)

There are a few Finnish Native Speakers on linguaholic.com. Hopefully you can find them. If not, I will help you to find  them :=)  :grin:

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Most of Nightwish's songs are in English, but they have a few (to be honest - very few) songs in Finnish, which really captivated me :)


Tak, mam na imię Zuzia, chociaż wolę, jak się do mnie mówi Zuza :) Też mam taką nadzieję, a forum jak na razie wygląda bardzo przyjaźnie.

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