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Android Application for Studying a Language


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I have been interested in trying to learn Korean for quite some time. However, I cannot seem to find a good Android application that teaches Hangul and sentence construction at the same time. As of now, I only have an android application that teaches Hangul. Learning Hangul is great but I would like to apply what I have learned in Hangul.

Does anyone here know any good language application? Also, does it have an offline mode? Lastly, does it teach Korean?

If there are no android applications, do you know any good web application?

Thank you!

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Have you tried to see if Babel has an app for Korean?  They usually offer great language courses and their apps are of a really good quality, so I really think it'd not hurt to look and see if they have something to offer in this department.

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Not an app, but a photoset I've found for reading Korean:


Now then, as apps go, I don't know many for language learning. BUT, as a sort of stand-in, you could try something like this:


It can be web or mobile -- .pdf files can be opened on android too, and you can unzip the audio files aswell! So, it's got a dual purpose.

Another simple thing to do to substitute an app would be to download a flash card app (if you want it to be mobile - if not, just use quizlet) and put in sample sentence construction with an 'incorrect - this is the correct construction' or 'correct' on the other side. The possibilities are endless!

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I wouldn't say that you need an app to learn the alphabet. I found it (my friends, too) quite easy, it's only 24 ''letters'' that you need to remember. Of course, proficiency will not come instantly, but correct pronunciation/differentiation will follow as you read and write. TTMIK is hands down, the best Korean learning website there is. The course is levelled, as each level has a book (not necessary, but I have purchased some along my journey) and each lesson has a PDF and audio file. The hosts are quite funny and cheeky too. They have an app and a huge community, that's how I got my head start. Korean takes a bit to crack down, but once you get there, it's easy. Good luck!

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