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My native language is Portuguese, but I also speak english (I only need to practice more my speaking skills).

I study German, french and japanese in cicles, one week I'm motivated to study, then I drop out and after a few weeks I'm motivated to study another language  :laugh:

I need to focus and study one of them for real.

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Hi Noah

Thank you for registering on www.linguaholic.com! Hopefully you will have a great time here! If you have any questions about German, French, English or Chinese, I might be able to help you out :=) For other languages, please refer to other linguaholics here in our forum :=)

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Hello to you! Welcome! I'm a "newbie" too! I'd like to encourage you to even "force" yourself a little, to keep on the "language-learning train"!

I've been down that road before, where I've felt a little disillusioned with learning a new language, but after a while, when you've been stuck in this "dry spell", you realize how much your interest in learning that new language has grown! .

When you go at something that is particularly difficult and actually master it , then I think the end result is probably far greater than if you had no "hiccups" along the way.

Because you would have pushed through to the end, and accomplished mastery , then you would have developed the power of perseverance , which restores in you the confidence that you can accomplish absolutely ANYTHING if you put your mind to it!

My piece of advice for you today, is to CONTINUE on your journey to learning the language of your desire!


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