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Greetings Linguaholic!

My name is Gonçalo and I'm from Porto, Portugal! My mother tongue is, of course, Portuguese. I can speak English fluently and I'm in advanced level of Spanish (well I can speak it but the funny thing is that I can't write it - probably because I live 1 hour away from Spain and I'm just so used to listen to Spanish).

I'm studying French and Norwegian right now even though I've been studying Norwegian harder than French lately.

I hope to discuss languages with you soon!

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Hello Goncalo, welcome to the linguaholic community, I'm learning french as well so maybe we could have a talk about it in the forums and see where we stand, :D

Have fun.

Hey! Thank you!

Of course we can :D I'm currently fully concentrated on my Norwegian but it's always good to practice my dear French eheh

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Hi, nice to meet you! I am learning Spanish and already know French X) I think its great how you are taking the effort to learn a new language!

I am also pretty new to these forums, so welcome!

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