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Survey: Creative writing and L2 identity

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Are you bilingual? Do you write in your L2 (second language)?

Take my survey on creative writing and L2 identity if you have a few minutes.

Please count 15/30 minutes for ten open questions. Here's the link:




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I took the survey. It was very interesting but for those who might not understand the meaning of ownership of a language, I found this article that I will add here. Maybe there will be future threads from those who can help educate on us on its deeper meaning. http://www.ugr.es/~portalin/articulos/PL_numero22/3%20%20IAN%20POPLE.pdf

Also, the survey was very good but I think question 7 (if I remember correctly) might need edited. Two of the questions were identical but the question after them asked about confidence levels changing when writing verses speaking and I think this means you wanted to have one question ask about our confidence when writing and one when speaking but they both said speaking. Just an FYI.  :wink:

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