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How often do you practice english?


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I'm kind of ashamed to say that I don't study English... I technically "practice" it everyday because I use it to communicate and it's part of my job, but I don't do anything extra to study it. I really should work on improving my English though since recently, I've discovered that my vocabulary is very limited despite English being my most "fluent" language. I will probably start watching more American shows, something that I rarely do, to help improve my vocabularly.

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It's normal here in the Philippines to speak English on daily conversations since it's our second language, although there are still some people who will look at you weirdly just because you and your friends are conversing in English. I usually just shrug my shoulders at them. Never let people like these bother you if you want to practice a certain language. Use it whenever you can, practice wherever and whenever possible. I used to record myself while reading aloud and then listen to my recording. This enables me to analyze everything, from how I pronounce words to whether I sound natural or trying hard. 

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