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I'm starting a new job in a week or so. I'll be doing food running and likely a bit of waitress. I haven't had a job like this in a while but I remember there being a lot of people who spoke Spanish as a first language and would find it difficult to order. I was wondering if there are any words or phrases I should commit to memory to make their dining experience as pleasant as possible?

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"Welcome to <restaurant name>" -> "Bienvenido(s) a <restaurant name>"

"May I take your order?" -> "Está usted listo para ordenar?"

"Would you like to order something to drink" ->"Le gustaria ordenar algo de tomar?"

"Right away" -> "Enseguida"

"With fries?" -> "Con papas / patatas fritas?"


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What kind of restaurant will  you be working at?   If you are a bit more specific I might be able to give you very specific answers as well ;)  But in general I'd say  the member above me offered some really useful responses. I'd also like to add:


¿Qué quiere beber? - What would you like to drink?

No, no se venden bebidas alcoholicas aquí - We don't sell alcoholic drinks here.

No hay... - There is no...

Es el especial de hoy - It's today's special.

Le falta sal - It needs some salt.


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