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So close!!!!


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Well, it's official... I am just 8 weeks away from taking that very important exam I've been talking a lot about all those months. It's official, the fees for the exam are paid, the plane ticket is there, the embassy appointment is confirmed.  And here I am... hoping I'm already well past the A1 level in dutch. I wish I could say I feel very confident, but I really don't feel that confident yet. I  still have to memorize 100 questions with their respective 100 pictures D:  And to my horror... yes... I will only have one minute to answer each question. Everything is timed. As if taking that exam in a city so far from my on wasn't stressing enough. 

I'm not organizing well I think, I am reviewing the course from lesson 21 til 65.  At least online, getting more familiar with the content, I still have to review lesson 1 til 20 though. Then memorize those 100 questions (even though I will only need 30 of them - they will randomly pick them). I hope my brain doesn't act up (I've a serious neurological problem) and my memory doesn't go blank!  

I just feel I might not be doing enough :(  I haven't even completed my brain maps! But this week I hope I can do it. I also hope I can complete my Memrise course, but I've been thinking I might have to restructure it. That basically means more work :sad: Oh well, I just hope I can pass that test!  

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Hi Trellum,

You're a brave one! Exams are always so stressful, but I'm pretty sure you'll pass this one with flying colours ;) Good luck! I hope your preparations are going well.


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Hi Ana :)!


I'm now 6 weeks close, going into 5!   I'm going to take whole month off to focus on studying.  I hope I pass, I feel time has gone by too fast D:  And to be honest I wasn't very diligent the whole time.  I hope I pass ^_^

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