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Hello everyone!

I'm a 23-year old female from Estonia and in English/German/anything non-cyrrilic I usually introduce myself as Ana.

I will probably write only a little bit in the starting post, because I've been interested in foreign languages since preschool and it has been my most important hobby for many years, so it would be difficult for me to write everything into the first post. But I really want to reflect on my interest in linguistics more, so I will try to fill my topic regularly.

To start with: I am native in Russian, fluent in German, English and semi-fluent in Estonian. I've been learning French, Spanish and a bit of Japanese at different times in my life. And I'm currently most interested in Ukrainian and Japanese.

...and yet I can still add quite a few more languages that have caught my interest by far more than once.

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Hello Neiv,

It's good to see you here. There's a thread about "what age you were when you got interested in learning languages" (http://linguaholic.com/topic/3540-how-old-were-you-when-you-started-to-feel-interested-in-learning-languages/), it would be interesting to hear your story!


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