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German "wannabe teacher" :) - loves languages especially German and English

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I'm a native German speaker and I love teaching English and German. I love the natural process of learning a language.

I started to share my language knowledge with others. I want to give something back to society. I´m highly motivated to teach and to get better in teaching. Every feedback will be highly appreciated. I like languages especially German and English.

I´m happy to find this forum - all of us can benefit from each other´s language knowledge!


Viele Grüße aus Deutschland - Best regards from germany,



“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”
(Frank Smith)



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    • By MBelghit
      Mein Name ist Maria. Ich komme aus Österreich und lebe seit vier Jahren in Deutschland. Ich bin 17 Jahre alt und habe zwei Geschwister: Meine Schwester heißt Angelika und sie ist 15 Jahre alt, mein Bruder Dieter ist 19 Jahre alt. Wir wohnen mit unseren Eltern in einem Haus in der Nähe von München. Meine Mutter ist Köchin, mein Vater arbeitet in der Schule.
      Ich lese gerne und mag Tiere: Wir haben Zwei Hunde , eine Katze und im Garten einen Teich mit Goldfischen. Ich gehe auch gerne in die Schule, mein Lieblingsfach ist Physik. Mathematik und Chemie mag ich nicht so gerne.
      Nach der Schule gehe ich oft mit meinen Freundinnen im Park spazieren, manchmal essen wir ein Eis. Am Samstag gehen wir oft ins Kino. Am Sonntag schlafe ich lange, dann koche ich mit meiner Mutter das Mittagessen. Nach dem Essen gehen wir mit dem Hund am See spazieren. Sonntag ist mein Lieblingstag!
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      Hello. I have created a free online course on how to score a full mark in the writing section of standardized English tests. Please check it out. I hope it's helpful for everyone. Please also feel free to leave any reviews. Thank you.
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      Hello! First, I hope you all don't mind me sharing my video here in the forum.  I hope it can be useful to English language learners. I just started my channel for English language learners and would love any feedback. The other videos explain movie scenes and I have 3 about news in Spain. Thanks!! 
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      Hello guys, 
      I'd love to share with you all an useful resource for learning English FREE/ONLINE. You may check out this website: FREE/ONLINE resources 
      BUT! This website is all written in Spanish, so that's why I'd say it is more suitable for Spanish native speakers or those who understand Spanish. And don't worry, it is written in a very simple Spanish, so you don't need an advanced level to understand the content. 
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      Hallo zusammen,
      English and German – the keys to the world! I love this "langu"-ages.
      If you want to learn German vocabulary, you will find some basic German English vocabulary audio video lessons on my YouTube channel.
      Link to my YouTube channel:
      You will find the latest videos on my "langu English - German playlist":
      I create this channel for all students, seeking to learn English and German as a second language.
      The videos contains German and English pronunciation and translation. Every page contains three vocabularies in German and English. The video lessons has seven pages with 21 vocabularies. In between every German and English word it´s a break, to think about the English word.
      Every vocabulary MP3 podcast comes with an eBook that includes the complete transcription of the audio vocabulary list.
      Please let me know in which topics you´re interested. I will create audio video lessons, especially on topics you´re interested in.
      Best regards,
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