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Mabuhay! Fluent in English and Tagalog, striving to be fluent in Spanish.

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Hello everyone! I'm fluent in English and Tagalog, both oral and written. My goal is to be fluent in a third language. One particular language that I find very beautiful is Spanish, thus, I want to be fluent in it. Growing up in a country once colonized by Spaniards, I find it is not hard to become familiar with common Spanish words as it has many similarities with my native language. However, my struggle is with the written and sentence construction part.

I joined a forum with hopes of learning a few tips and tricks, what latest language applications to use, online resources, etc. I am self-taught and all the materials I use for learning are only acquired via free sites online.Hoping to get in touch with native Spanish speakers too. Once I have mastered this third language, I am planning to learn just a bit of Chinese and Korean.

Thanks in advance and more language power to everyone!

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Wow, there are so many Filipinos on this forum!! I wouldn't have expected it, given that our country's main languages are only English and Filipino, but it's a great thing to find out. 

I wish you luck on your Spanish language endeavours, and even more with Chinese and Korean!!

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