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Hello, new member from Poland here


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Hello to all linguaholics out there!

My name is Ania, I'm 32 and I live in Poland. I was born in Ukraine and spent most of my life in Russia, so I know some Ukrainian (mostly passively though) and my native language is Russian. I speak fluent English, Polish and French. I'm studying... also English and French :) as well as Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German.

I live in Warsaw with my partner (he's Polish and is currently trying to master English and German) and my cat Barbara :)

My non-language hobbies are:

- reading (pretty much everything but especially psychology, self-help, nonfiction, romances, thrillers and poetry)

- listening to music (in all languages I can more or less understand, mostly pop, oldies, musicals and anything Disney)

- playing computer, phone and board games

- cooking and baking

- growing plants on the windowsill

- writing stories

- drawing

- doing logical puzzles, sudoku, crosswords and so on

- knitting, embroidering and creating things with my own hands

- playing with my cat, feeding ducks and generally cooing over animals

- sorting, renaming, improving and generally taking care of my huge collection of ebooks and music files

I'd love to meet likely-minded people who enjoy learning languages. If someone is also a fan of pink colour, morning coffee and vegetarian food, that's even better :)

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