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Ilya Frank's reading method


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Have you heard of this method to learn a language? What do you think of it?

For those who haven't heard about it, the method is all about reading books adapted in the following way: the original text has certain or all words translated to your native language, sometimes with additional explanations. So you get something like this:

Le mariage (marriage) doit (must) incessamment (constantly) combattre un monstre (fight a monster) qui dévore (devours) tout (everything, all) : l'habitude (habit).


The amount of words that are translated depends on your level. I've seen some books where you get every word translated and those where you have only some of them explained.

It didn't work for me - I get too distracted with translations to really concentrate on reading. But I know some people swear by it. What about you?

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I think that it would be good, if you could get used to the interruption of the words.  I like that they have the translation but having it within the sentence disturbs the flow.  Maybe if they had one line of target language followed by that same line translated into your native tongue, it would flow better.  Plus, it would help you understand the differences in sentence structure. 

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