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Website to Learn 80 Languages!!!

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Hello, guys! 

This is my first post, but I know a really good place to help with your language learning! It's called Pronunciator; it is a website and an app (I prefer the website more, but I use both). The program features 80 different languages you can learn. It is a completely free site but only if you are a student and your school supports the program (like my school)  or you are a member of your local library and they support it, which they most likely do. If you are not a student or do not have a library membership you will have to pay.

I am learning Korean through this site, and it is really helpful for learning vocabulary and useful phrases, but the downside is the romanization is TERRIBLE. If you are learning Korean like me, I recommend you use this site only if you already mastered the Korean alphabet and can read it. I was lucky because I could already do this going into the program. I know that German and Chinese is ok with this aspect, but I can't speak for other languages and how well the romanization is for them. 

Some of the features pronunciator offers are progress tracking, quizzes on different skill sets, ProRadio, ProFlix and flashcards, The progress tracker will show you how far you've gotten in a lesson with an average of the grades you've made on assignments. The quizzes are made to test you on vocabulary, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, spelling, writing, and pronunciation. With the pronunciation quizzes you speak into a speaker (on your phone, tablet, or computer) and it will tell you how well you pronounced it and give you a percentage grade on each set you pronounce. ProRadio is kind of like Pandora but it gives you songs in the language you're learning with the lyrics on the right side of you screen. ProFlix is the same type of deal. It gives you a movie to watch, but it also includes quizzes and drills. The flashcards help you to learn by letting you rate how well you the word or phrase with 4 choices. How you rate yourself lets Pronunciator know how long to bring the vocabulary up again. For tonal languages such as Chinese there is Pitch Perfect which compares the tones to musical notes and then compares your pronunciation to native speakers.

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think of the program. To sign up using a school or library account go to their database and search for it and it will let you sign up. If you would like to take a look at it here is the link.


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Thanks for sharing, this looks interesting and I'll have to try it later. It seems really accessable since it even teaches in 50 languages.

Exactly! Even the people whose native language is not English can learn a new language in their first language, which is another reason this program is so great! :) 

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On 11/1/2015, 3:36:01, anna3101 said:

Thanks a lot for sharing, Sefrah98! Unfortunately, I was not able to look at the site - it says "your access is limited" or something like that :(


Same thing happened to me, very weird message!  It's a shame, I was hoping to see Dutch there :(   Oh well, I recently found some very helpful sites, I hope I can share them on here very soon.  Some are a bit old, but really good :)  I still prefer a good grammar book though, but those are not so easy to find, not even in English.

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I take interest in learning languages,however, I have never tried any website or apps. Thanks for recommending Pronunciator. I will first search this on Google and check it it is if any use to me. I will also check this on google play and try to learn English and French.

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Well this really seems like a good place to go if you want to get a general sense of the language.  I am just basing that off of a quick look and nothing more, and also just from my experience of having the sites that have more languages being a little less intensive when it comes to grammar than some of the other ones that are more specialized.  You never know though maybe there is more to this one, but it is certainly a good place to start.  Thanks for the share.

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That is an amazing site as far as the quantity of languages taught and the amount of incoming languages.  Has anyone actually tried it.  My concern is that with that quanitity, they will be cookie cutter classes and very shallow.

As to the OP, I learned korean also and agree with you, you absolutely must put a few hours into learning the alphabet.  It is actually very east to do in just a few hours once you realize that the words are set up in syllables rather than actual words and then the whole deal with how you arrange the letters within the syllable.

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21 hours ago, petesede said:

That is an amazing site as far as the quantity of languages taught and the amount of incoming languages.  Has anyone actually tried it.  My concern is that with that quanitity, they will be cookie cutter classes and very shallow.


I agree. It looks like a fantastic site, but I would love to hear from someone who has used it about how well it actually works. Also it would be nice to hear from someone fluent in a couple of languages to see if the site content is accurate. Often sites do not keep up with the actual way people speak in a country.

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Thanks for the resource, seems like a good website I should check out and see if there's anything I might need that's not in the usual suspects like Memrise or Duolingo for my languages of choice. I really like the flashcard model, so whatever works with that has my approval.

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I will close this forum thread soon. The site is not accessible for many of us. So there is definitely something wrong with that page. Hope that is ok for everyone. If not, please let me know. 


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I will definitely look that up! The library that I go to has a website that has a link for learning several languages. It's pretty cool. It has lesson plans that start simple and progressively takes you toward conversational speech. I do think it's funny that they include "Pirate" as a language you can learn. Arrgh!

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Hmm, I too hit the IP restriction. I suppose the app is only open to a select number of countries! Still, it sounds like a marvelous resource. Those who can use it will mostly definitely benefit. I mean, free language learning software is blessing!

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I checked this website. It is certainly a good platform to learn languages. The website offers easy ways to learn various languages. The courses are built for the beginners as well as for those who are already learning the language.

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