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Hello from Italy!

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Hi everyone, i am here because i obviously love languages! I'm an Italian mothertongue and i speak english, not so fluent because in my life i speak only Italian, i talk in english on internet sometimes when i play games or when i'm on skype talking with foreign people. I'm actually interested in Asian languages, i wanted to learn Japanese but it seems like it's sooo difficult...so i was wondering if it's better to learn Korean (which i really like) or Chinese (but all those Kanjis....:rolleyes:) After that, when i have free time i try to learn some Spanish, which is easier because it's similar to Italian.

So, i hope to find someone to talk with and to learn something, if you are interested in Italian feel free to contact me in pm :)

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Dear Mameha

Very warm welcome to to Linguaholic.com!

Are you actually from Italy? I am from Switzerland and I do speak German, French, English and Chinese.  As you probably know, we also speak Italian here in Switzerland. However, I did not yet have the chance to learn it. But i really like the sound of Italian and I guess it would be pretty easy to learn, as I already speak French. So maybe we can help each other? I have been studying Chinese at University of Zurich, so feel free to ask me any question about it. 

In any case, I hope you will have lots of interesting discussions here on linguaholic.com!

Best wishes


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Yes, i am from Italy :) It would be good if we can help each other! Is Chinese so difficult? The difficult part for me is to learn and remember all the Kanji...i think it takes much time! 

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