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Hello from Turkey


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Hello everybody,

My name is Kendal. I am an English teacher in a high school. I aim to improve my teaching skills. I am a teacher already so I am supposed to be capable of teaching and actually I am so but I do believe that there is no boundary for learning, there is always something that we do not know but must know. Hi again. Hope to have a nice time here with other members.

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I'd say one way is to capture the attention of your students. Don't make the learning process boring, otherwise, students will not look forward to it. Maybe you can show a movie to them or something similar every month. As for lessons, let your students have writing assignments. Just give them a topic their writing should be around, and let them choose the actual topic. For example, let them write anything related to hobbies. I can then write about multiple things, why hobbies are important, what are various hobbies, etc.. 

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