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However, adding a bit more about what this article is about would help a lot too.

I'm trying to load the page but at this moment it says to have the server experimenting difficulties to get it load :o

I will try in a few minutes again ;)


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I checked the link. I have tried some of the techniques mentioned in the article.I read loud, I have recorded my reading as well as practicing. When I listen to my recordings, I can see where I made the mistake. In the second reading/speaking, I correct my mistake. I also choose an accent when I am speaking. I favor British English and all the time I watch BBC to improve my diction.

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Good advice, I don't think I can try to imitate a new accent though especially if it's distinct, like British or Irish accent. If ever I do decide to imitate an accent, I think it would be the US accent, since it sounds much easier to mimic.

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I think that is generally what most people who learn English do - imitate the American accent. I think it is easier to imitate the American accent anyway, as most countries can access TV and movies from America with subtitles in their own language, so they get much more accustomed to hearing that accent than any other English speaking country's accent.

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As a person using English as a second language, I have identified couple of thing that helps us to speak English better.

Watching BBC or CNN and paying attention to how they pronounce and trying to pronounce the words and sentences in the same manner.

Recording your voice while you talk or read a passage. If you play the recording, you can identify the words where you made mistakes.

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One of the ways which I have personally found to be quite effective in learning English, is to learn one new word a day.


I personally use the dictionary.com app and it would buzz you with a new word every day and let you know its meaning as well. Thus making it easier for you to continuously add the words to your vocabulary and thereafter you would automatically remember it to use it in sentences when you are speaking.

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I like the RP English accent. The enunciation is perfect. Though not many people speak with a pure RP accent (not even in the UK, so I've heard) it certainly is the easiest to understand and easiest to learn too. So like others I believe that someone who is learning English as a second language should listen to BBC a lot. You can even record some audio clips and use them to learn (practically) how to speak better.

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