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Hi, I am trying the lean startup method :) I am a software developer that likes to create a useful program for learning languages. 

The idea is that a Native speaker will create a thread on some topic that is interesting for him and write a short story, let's say in English. Other students that are learning English will join the discussion and speak with him on a given topic.

Will this kind of learning be interesting? What do you think?

Would you give a try to this website/mobile app if it would exist?

For native speakers it can be something like freelance, so they will earn some money or get some cookies...


Thank you in advance for your opinion!

King regards,


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(I moved this to Apps, because I think that's what you're talking about here. If I did this in error, please let me know)

I'm not very interested in typing my L2's, so I personally wouldn't use it.

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Well I actually find it a nice idea.
The only problem is: it already sort of exists.

Thank you for this link.

The problem there is that you speak with personal teachers, not with casual people. I am not convinced that working with a teacher is absolutely better.
Usually teachers prepare some special materials to give you, they explain everything, etc. These preparations and experience usually cost more money.
And in real life nobody will explain to you why they said what they said, for natives to speak like this is natural. 
I think that only speaking with casual native people you can achieve the required 
self-confidence to break the language barrier.
Moreover you can find some friends :) After all it is not about speak correct language, but to understand each other.

But probably I am wrong, and people could simply talk in facebook..

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It actually sounds great to me and I think even for the native speakers it could be fun to talk to all those foreigners;)

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I actually believe this to be a good idea.

Yes, working with teachers is way better if your aim is to be more serious about the language in question that you are trying to acquire. However, if you want to both feel comfortable, relaxed and also get to the core of a language from the point of view of an ordinary person speaking that language as his or her native, then I am sure this is a very nice idea.

I would myself try out that application.

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It's an interesting idea. The only thing I would suggest is to somehow pick a wide range of topics and maybe include advanced speakers into the process. If I just start learning a new language, speaking with a native might be too stressful for me to handle. Maybe a ladder type of progression ? Either way, I will be super interested to test this one out. 

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Seems like a good idea to me! As shadejb above me mentioned, a progression ladder would be great, from basic everyday sentences to a full conversation with the native speaker. You could set up the app with a couple of "main" languages such as English, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese so people can still understand each other through these languages (the users could select their main language, and then add the second languages that they wish to teach to other users). It wouldn't be a full course or a teacher/student experience, but it would certainly be a great source of knowledge for certain expressions and to understand the flow of the words and pronunciation. Plus, you could potentially meet a lot of cool people through this app! I think you should go for it :)

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