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Dutch vs Afrikaans


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So, I am from South Africa, and my native language is Afrikaans. It is derived from Dutch and is so similar that an Afrikaans person and a Dutch person can communicate effectively.

I just thought this thread would be fun to check the differences between the two languages. I will give an example dialogue in Afrikaans, then we can see how it comes out in Dutch, and just discuss the grammar around it.

Goeie dag, my naam is Jan.

Dagsê Jan, my naam is Piet.

Hoe gaan dit met jou Piet?

Dit gaan goed en daar, Jan?

Dit gaan baie goed, dankie Piet.

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I'm already aware of this and I could understand the dialogue (except for "baie", I don't really know what it means).

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Interesting :)   I had heard about the similarities of both languages before, but I had never read a dialogue in Afrikaans.  So interesting!  I understood almost everything, even though the use of certain words didn't make that much sense to me tho, like for example the use of ''dit'' instead of ''het'' and ''gaan'' instead of ''gaat''.  Plus other things :P 

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