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Language goals for 2016

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My language goals for 2016 are:

1. Completely master Japanese and Korean.

2. Learn a foreign language that is not from Asia. :o

3. Be able to communicate with foreign people through their own language.

4. Love and enjoy learning languages! :cool:

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23 hours ago, anna3101 said:

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine. Nothing is as motivating as the need to get a job :) And now that you are in the Netherlands, you can practise loads.


Oh no, I'm not there yet, but I am supposed to be there very soon. I am waiting to get a notification to get my MVV :)   So it's been a lot paper work lately, but hopefully soon it will be over. I  just need to get a couple documents and I'll be done (hopefully). 

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Your goals inspire me to take my language learning seriously. Hahaha! I'm currently learning Chinese and I want to master the basic first before studying another language but as I could see from all these posts that time management is the key. I don't want to confuse myself with all the characters from Japanese and chinese so I'll probably start studying Korean first and Spanish. I know this site that is very helpful for studying Spanish, Culture Alley. Check it out if you haven't. I also want to learn French and Japanese. 

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Okay, even though we are already halfway through 2016, I want to hop on this bandwagon too. I guess for the rest of the year I actually want to use the elementary Korean I learned in the beginning half of the year and apply it to real world situations in the second half of the year. I to the lowest of keys hope that someone will approach me and ask me for directions in Korean, which is something I daydream about way more than I should. Learning directional words was one of the last lessons I learned before my class ended so it's still somewhat fresh in my mind. So if any of y'all in the NYC area and a native Korean speaker, please do practice on me!

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That's amazing. I've never really tried to learn more than one new language at a time. I always thought that it would be too taxing to focus on two or more languages at the same time. I admire you for all the effort that you are putting into improving yourself and your life. My goals are the same as always: Learn one new language every year. And keep improving on the ones that I've already learned and perfecting my accent. 

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