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This site has been around for a while ;)  I'm sure most of the forum users are familiar with it ;)  I tried it awhile ago, I took a short Dutch test, then they let me know what level they thought  had, but I never came back.  I might give it another chance, since well, it's supposed to be free ;)  I'm checking it out again, it seems they have improved the UI and the interface looks way more clean and things seem to be in a better order.  

Who knows, if it's decent enough I might consider paying a sub later.  At least their prices seem to be more fair than any of the ''-----pod101.com'' sites.  The later have access to way more content though, so might offer better value for your money. That's something we always have to consider when we have to decide what site we want to give our money to.

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I have heard of these ads too. I have heard them on Pandora. Is that where you heard them too? I am pretty sure that it is a site that you have to pay to use. i do not like to pay to use sites where there is so much free information out there like DuoLingo and the BBC Language site. 

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I've have both Babbel and Duolingo and honestly Duolingo does exactly the same thing... with the immersion on duolingo I actually feel as though it's slightly better. May just be my opinion though.

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