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你好!My name is Jenny Huang, from Go-Go-Go Mandarin. We are an experienced Mandarin teacher team from the United States and China who work offer high quality online language classes all over the world!


 We believe that high quality teaching is the most important key to your language learning. All of us are full-time or part-time K-12 and language school teachers in the U.S and in China. We provide high quality Chinese lessons, using effective immersive strategies to help students communicate in Chinese naturally and comfortably. We all hold advanced degrees majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, Teacher Certifications, Mandarin Level Certificates, and all speak fluent English.


 In addition, we have a collection of new and original study materials from years of teaching practice to share in order to help you master the Chinese language in the most simple and efficient way.


Our class is nothing like your painful school learning experience. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit comfortably, relax, and speak some Chinese. Our teachers are here to create a student-centered and 100% supportive one-on-one environment for your language learning.


How our online classes work:


We will offer a 30 minutes free trial class that includes 15 minutes teaching demonstration session and 15 minutes free discussion. The purpose of the trial class is to help us better understand your language levels, learning needs and targets so we can make effective learning plans for you.  


Step 1: Visit our website: and contact us for a free trial class. gogogomandarin.com


  Step 2: We will send you a response email to confirm the time and the teacher for your trial class.


Step 3: Meet your teacher online for your free trial class


Step 4: If you are happy with your trial class and decide to enroll in a course, you can make a monthly or one-time payment on our website.


Step 5: Your teacher will send you the course curriculum and class schedule.


Step 6: Meet your teacher for class and enjoy student-centered learning and intensive language practice.


Step 7: After each class, your teacher will send you class notes from Quizlet so you can use online flashcards and games to review the class content.


Courses we are currently offering: http://www.gogogomandarin.com/mandarin-courses/


Check out what other students have to say about our teachers: http://www.gogogomandarin.com/student-feedback/


Contact us now for a free trail class: http://www.gogogomandarin.com/contactandpayments/schedule-a-free-demo/


 Jenny Huang ([email protected])








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Hi, this is lisa from Hanbridge Mandarin School.

We are specialized in providing Chinese learning lessons both online and in China.

This is our official website:  http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/

We have several kinds of Chinese courses: Daily Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese learning for kids, HSK preparation and so on.

All the Chinese teachers are professional and fully experienced.

Since we provide online Chinese courses, you could learn Chinese anytime and anywhere.

You can take a free trial class first.

Contact us here: 

Email:  [email protected]

Skype:  Hanbridge.Mandarin

Phone:  400-600-2202

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      Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice from some fellow Mandarin Chinese learners :))
      For a little background, I have been living in Shanghai for about a year now, and been studying Chinese at East-China Normal university. But it's not really working out for me, so i was wondering what everyone here would reccomend? I have looked into That's mandarin and their online learning platform NihaoCafe cause they seem to have a more unique way to teach that might work better for me than the university classrooms. But please let me know where you studied and what you thought of it, it would really help me out :))
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