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DucroZi Free Chinese Learning APP to Improve Vocabulary


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Learning Chinese requires a very good memory and hard work. When I started learning Chinese, I met new words in many situation, and the next day, once a new Chinese word showed up, and I asked a friend or teacher to explain it to me. The day after, I forgot it. Did it happen to you?

Or when I went a trip in China, I met some Chinese and got some new words or phrases, but when I came back from trip, I forgot almost all the new words or phrases. Did it happen to you too?

If yes, DucroZi is helpful for you. With DucroZi, if a new word shows up, you can search it and add it to your personal list in one click. Later you can improve your Chinese vocabulary with reviewing or drawing all added Chinese words in your lists.

What's DucroZi?

DucroZi is an offline dictionary APP for Mandarin learners to improve Chinese, and it's totally free. The dictionary APP is based on CC-CEDICT dictionary. But it’s not only a dictionary APP to search words, but also a Chinese learning APP which enables you save words to your personal word list for later study and practice.


DucroZi Chinese Learning APP Main Features

1. Flexible search: search words in Chinese, Pinyin and English, CC-CEDICT based dictionary.

2. Words lists: create your personal words lists, then save or add words to list for later review or training

3. HSK word lists are pre-installed. You can learn and memorize HSK vocabulary offline with DucroZi Chinese learning app on your Android phone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

4. Notes: add your personal notes to words

5. Audios: listen Chinese pronunciation with google Text-To-Speech

6. Training: train on your lists with Chinese handwriting function

7. Share: share your word lists with other users

Browser All Features of DucroZi Chinese Learning APP @ http://www.ducrozi.com/features/


Download DucroZi Chinese Learning APK @ http://www.ducrozi.com official website.

Or Install DucroZi Chinese learning APP in Google Play Store @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ducrozi

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I have always believed Chinese Language was a tough one to learn. China is on my travel list and I believe I can only imitate to learn the language.

Sitting down to learn will not help me as I love to imitate people's accents and would develop the language from there.

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