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Animal-related Onomatopoeia // comparison

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Caine      (dog): ham-ham

Cocos    (cock):Cucuriguu

Broasca  (frog): Uak Uak

Capra      (goat): beeeh

Pisica      (cat)  : miau, miau

Vaca      (cow):  muh

Pasarica  (Birdie): cirip-cirip

Porc        (pig): groh-groh

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In Norwegian :

Hund (dog): voff-voff or vov-vov

Hane (cock): kykkeliky

Høne( hen): klukk-klukk

Frosk (frog): kvekk kvekk

Geit (goat): mee-meh

Katt (cat)  : mjau

Ku (cow):  mø

Sau (sheep): bææ

Slange ( snake):  hsss

Gris ( pig): grynt or nøff-nøff

En ku , en geit mekrer, en sau breker, ei høne klukker, en hane galer, en katt mjauer , en hund bjeffer, en frosk kvekker og en slange hisser og en gris grynter.

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I really start to love this thread! I am going to collect all this data in an Excel-File. Maybe I am going to do some research on this topic! Someone else interested in this? If yes, please let me know!  :grin:

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If you would like to contribute to this thread, please fill in the information in this list here (as well as directly in the post if possible). This is the link to the List (based on Google Drive.


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In Polish and Russian:

Pies (dog) / собака (sobaka) : PL - hau hau, RU - гав-гав (gav gav)

Kogut (cock) / петух (petukh): PL - kukuryku, RU - кукареку (kukareku)

Kura ( hen) / курица (kuritsa): PL - ko ko ko, RU - куд-кудах (kutkudakh)

Żaba (frog) / лягушка (lyagushka) : PL - kum kum, RU - ква-ква (kva kva)

Koza (goat) / коза (koza): PL - mee mee, RU - ме (me)

Kot (cat) / кошка (koshka) : PL - miau, RU - мяу (miau)

Krowa (cow) / корова (korova):  PL - muu, RU - му (mu)

Owca (sheep) / овца (ovtsa): PL - bee, RU - бе (be)

Wąż ( snake) / змея (zmeya):  PL - sss, RU - шшш (shhh)

Świnia ( pig) / свинья (svinia) : PL - kwi kwi, RU - хрю-хрю (khru khru)

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