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Hi folks!

I started my own podcast  in my target language English in order to become more fluent. It's not that easy as I'm still intermediate / upper-intermediate. But I could learn very much in the last 7 weeks. In my opinion such a project is perfect to boost your langauge skills (and other skills) to the next level!

Here is the site with the podcast Feed address:

My fluent podcast

I also started with my website my fluent podcast  But the website is very basic as I am not that into website creating. It's not that simple.

Maybe you are also a very motivated language learner who is intrested in podcasting. Maybe we could team up. I speak French, Spanish, Swiss.German and German.

Some of my episodes:

E01-Learning through TV Series and Movies - Netflix

E02-Shall I learn through TV Series or Movies?

E03- go forward by making mistakes

E04- go forward by making mistakes 2

MFP - 5 fresh, dirty tips to boost your speaking skills


If you have any ideas, suggestions, critics, I would be glad to hear from you.

The whole project is meant to be a community project where we could help each out with our language studies.

Daniel Goodson


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    • By nina_pf
      Hello everybody!
      Here are 5 (of 15) mistakes you should avoid when learning a language! Parts 2 and 3 to this series (each with 5 more mistakes) will be posted in the next couple of days. If you find them helpful, you can subscribe to the channel to be notified when the new parts are posted
      Thanks for reading!
    • By Polyglot
      Hey guys,
      My name is Nana and I am new to this community!
      I am fluent in 4 languages (Armenian, Russian, English, French) and currently I am working on my 5th one (Spanish)! Most of them I learned in school when I was young and now I am learning Spanish in college. But I know that for a lot of people the foreign language curriculum is not useful and mnay people cannot learn languages efficiently in school setting. So, I was wondering if you guys have personal experience you could share and tell everyone what works for you best. And, of course, any tips or recommendations (online apps or programs or youtube channels) or anything that helped you become one step closer to mastering a language is more than welcome!
    • By menulis

      If you are struggling with grammar, memorizing new words or other boring stuff while learning a language, I have found a great language learning platform to study 100+languages for free. It's called Bliu Bliu (https://bliubliu.com/)

      Basically you read random content from the internet which was selected according to your level of competence. You press words that you already know and that’s how you "level up". No memorizing, no translations, you just figure out meanings like a baby from context. Also no grammar learning you just figure out it from context too.

      You can add your own books there as well.

      Another thing they are offering is 30days challenges where you talk with a native and get all info you need to improve. They have about 10ish different language challenges and they actually work! I was surprised to see my Japanese improve so fast and I could actually speak by the end of the month. this one: https://bliubliu.com/en/learning/challenge/learn-japanese-in-30-days-1/#video-102

      I highly recommend it to busy people and for those who hate memorizing boring stuff, it's a lot of fun and not at all pricey.

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