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mexican spanish vs what you learn on the internet

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i would like to know what are differences between Mexican Spanish and the Spanish that you learn from the books and other sources

it seems everything i learned Mexicans don't use. daily Spanish seems to be much different from other countries.


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Do you learnt "castellano" or neutral spanish? Mexican people has his own set of slang that is not used in any other latinoamerican country. Like "HIjole", "pinche", "que buena onda" or "wey". I suggest to hang out with mexicans from now on if is your desire to speak like them.

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In terms of structure and conjugation of verbs it is a little closer to traditional Spanish than the Spanish dialect spoken in other countries.

For what is worth, when English programs are dubbed over for the Latin American market they usually do it using Mexican voice actors. The Simpsons that is shown all over Latin America is dubbed in Mexico for example, and everybody is able to understand it. They always try to use a more neutral accent and they try to avoid many slang words.

I once met a girl from Serbia that was able to learn to speak Spanish just by watching Mexican Telenovelas alone.  

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