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Hello ^.^


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Hi everyone, my name is Amanda. I am a 30 year old SAHM from WA and I love learning different languages. Have I mastered any? No. But I fully plan to master at least one language for now and that is Japanese. Second would have to be German. 


I am hoping to garner some language learning wisdom here and also maybe make some good friends in the process. Thanks!

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Hello Amanda!

This is the right place to mingle with great people of common interest and also to achieve your language learning goals.

There are so many here learning Japanese and all you have to do is find out how it works for them so you can follow the same path.

Great to have you on board :)

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Hello Amanda, I'm also trying to learn Japanese. :)   Hajimimashite. Doozo yoroshiku.  So far I have learned to read and write Hiragana, Katakana and a few Kanji but I know very little in terms of speaking and understanding Japanese..  I hope we could both be able to speak the language with confidence one day soon.

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