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I want to promote a website which in my opinion is one of the best websites nowadays to study educational topics, namely waialo.com

If you search a place to learn basic Frenchlearn basic Germanlearn basic Italian or learn basic Spanish then the lessons provided by waialo.com can help you a lot, most of them have pronunciation tips, very useful for beginners.

If you want to access a certain category select one of the links posted above. I wait your reply and opinions about the language courses found on this website. Did you found useful lessons? Was the website helpful? etc.

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I don't want to be rude, but the methods used by this website are pretty much obsolete. No, I don't want to learn the complete geography and about all the German rivers, for example. Although I can see how this would relates to the learning process, it's definitely not appealing to the beginner. There are far better platforms, honestly.

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Thanks for your opinion 111kg. Is nice to have a new point of view :) until now everybody was very satisfied with everything waialo.com has to offer. Can you please give me an example of a better platform? I search the web daily, but until now I didn't find better options, for instance: if I want to learn about German rivers this website is even better than wikipedia. This website provides exactly what it says. If you want to learn basic Italian even if you are a beginner or not this website provides that opportunity completely free, other websites are all about flashy stuff but no content. I don't find it wrong or bad to have a lot of useful content if you write about something, as you mentioned, the article about German rivers is really big :) Analyzing from a beginner point of view the articles about the Italian language or Spanish, I found videos and pronunciation tips that are very useful if you are a begginer, that sort of stuff I have not found on about.com or other bigger websites. On the web nowadays everybody uses pictures but most of them are not useful at all because they lack the information that waialo.com really provides it. I await your reply. 

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This could work, but I think you have an Usability problem there. It was kind of complicated to filter all posts to just display the ones that I was interested in (German), I saw that you have labels at the bottom but you have both "German" and "Learn German", as an user I am confused... Are those 2 equivalent? If I choose "Learn German" I am going to miss some posts? 

I know this is related to the platform (you re using Blogger and that's ok) but perhaps you could think about structuring your content a little better, for example if somebody arrives at your page directly via http://www.waialo.com/ we are greeted with a post about Italian, so you may think "ok this is an Italian learning blog", then the next post is about German, that's confusing.

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